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It was always a dream of mine to bring my style of Irish Dance to the world stage and I am proud to say that 20 years on, my shows have been seen by over 50 million people across the globe. Over the years I have received countless letters from young people who have been inspired to learn to dance after watching the show, and it has been humbling for me that many of them have realised their dreams through sheer dedication and have become stars themselves in my shows.

Michael Flatley DANCE aims to teach this unique style of Irish Dance to children and teenagers in a positive and mentoring environment that builds self-confidence while instilling an appreciation of rhythm, movement, music, fitness and culture.

Girls and boys of all levels, from beginner to advanced are invited to join whether it is just for fun or if their dream is to perform onstage. As I have always said, “If you believe in yourself and are willing to work hard, then nothing is impossible”.

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The Michael Flatley Dance Academy teaches his unique style of progressive Irish Dance to children and adults in a positive and mentoring environment that builds self-confidence for performing onstage.


Beginners and Intermediate (all ages)

Our young performers will learn all about stretching, correct posture and technique along with developing their natural musicality in a fun but disciplined environment. The class will commence with warm up and stretching followed by the fundamental steps and movements of Michael Flatley’s Dance style. As classes’ progress and abilities develop children will be taught more intricate steps and will work together in learning and creating choreographies. Our 3 P’s – Performance, Perfection and Positivity are incorporated into the lesson giving children a desire to achieve their full potential in a positive and nurturing environment. The class finishes with a fun cool-down.

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Experienced (all ages)

For those that already have Irish Dance or other dance training we invite you to try our “Experienced” classes. You will learn show steps and develop your style with more intricate steps and enhance your individuality along with learning ensemble dances from the Lord of the Dance shows.


Adult (17 and up)

It’s never too late to learn to dance and it’s a great way to keep fit and awaken your inner dance spirit. Classes will introduce you to the basics along with core fitness in a fun but challenging environment.

Cost per full term £130
prorated per week (£10

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Term dates are 11th September - 16th December 2017
February Half Term - no classes 23rd - 29th October 2017

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Pop-up Workshops

Our “Pop-up” workshops are for everyone to enjoy, whether you are a dancer, dance enthusiast or simply want to experience our world onstage.

The 90 minutes long workshops will include a welcome from our teachers followed by a chance to learn the Michael Flatley Dance style onstage, then take a sneak peek behind the scenes and finish with a Q&A with members of the cast. Our workshops are open to everyone from children to adults. Participants will be grouped according to their ability.

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Our professional dancers will give you a taste of what it is like to pursue a career in dance. If it is your ambition to try your dancing talents onstage, then give it a go, we are always on the lookout for new talent.  For our loyal fans that don’t have dance experience but would like to try something new– we’ll teach you the basics and you will get to meet our talented cast and ask them the questions you’ve always wanted!

The workshops will take place in select theatres across the UK where the Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is playing.

Cost per session £45
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The DANCE Academy aims to teach Michael Flatley’s unique style of Irish Dance to children in a positive and mentoring environment that builds self-confidence while instilling an appreciation of rhythms, movement, music, fitness and culture to a diverse audience.


Children should feel confident about themselves and their abilities.


Hard work and dedication achieves results and this is what Michael Flatley has instilled in his dancers and is evident in the success of his shows worldwide throughout the years.


Dancing makes you happy; it’s as simple as that. Dancing releases endorphins so we feel good and are better able to reach our potential.

Meet our

Meet our

Sarah Redmond

A veteran stage performer, Sarah has been with the Lord of the Dance company for over 10 years. She has toured extensively with all Michael Flatley’s shows including Celtic Tiger and Lord of the Dance and the latest production Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games where she took up the position of dance captain. She has made many television appearances most notably NBC’s Superstars of Dance where she performed for Team Ireland in Los Angeles. She was part of the cast that toured the US for Michael Flatley’s final performances.

James Breen

James began dancing at the age of seven in London. In his competitive career he won over 15 major titles around the world including two World Championship titles. He has toured extensively with Lord of the Dance and plays the role of the “Dark Lord”. James was part of the troupe that debuted the new Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games production on London’s West End at the Palladium Theatre and subsequently the Dominion Theatre and was dance captain for the company at the Playhouse Theatre. He has led many workshops for young aspiring dancers while on tour and has taken part in many television performances including Michael Flatley A Night to Remember.

Irish Dance
A Brief Insight

Irish Dance
A Brief History

Irish dance has been around for hundreds of years and was mainly taught in Ireland and abroad to those of Irish descent. However, since Michael Flatley brought Irish dance to the world stage it has exposed this art form to new cultures from China to Russia to Brazil and beyond. Its percussive elements, coupled with the precise and disciplined footwork appeal to everyone. The grace and elegance of the soft shoe style that has come to incorporate upper body movement has unique and highly skilled steps along with balletic influences.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What do I wear for my class?

We recommend comfortable sportswear. You will be working up a sweat!

What footwear do I wear for my class?

You are welcome to commence in trainers or ballet pumps, but we highly recommend purchasing Irish Dance Pumps. We will have samples at your class to try for size and comfort.

Split sole trainers by Freed of London or Capezio are satisfactory for the hard shoe practice until a suitable standard is reached. Your teacher will be able to offer advice.

Do I need previous Experience?

All levels of student are welcome from beginner to advanced. We will introduce those with no experience to the basics including dance steps, upper body movement and group choreographies. For those who already have Irish Dance or other dance experience and have a desire to fine tune your skills, our teachers will work with you to the standard we achieve professionally.

What will I learn?

At Michael Flatley DANCE the focus will be on learning the fundamentals of Irish Dance – Michael Flatley style! Bringing out each dancer’s strengths and developing their individual style with a focus on stage performance. This is an extension of traditional Irish Dance complemented by the use of upper body movement. Children will get an introduction to choreography on an individual as well as a group level.

Can I still Compete?

Michael Flatley DANCE Academy is a non-competitive school. Our goal is to give dancers the guidance and training to be able to perform on stage with style and confidence. Dancers are however free to continue competing through other schools of Irish Dance.

Is Michael Flatley DANCE Academy affiliated with any Irish Dancing organisation?

Michael Flatley DANCE Academy is not registered or associated with any Irish Dancing organisation or governing body.

Can I start mid-term, and what if I miss a few weeks?

If a class has places remaining you may join anytime and fees will be pro-rated.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is 1 hour.

Can I take Private Classes?


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